I Can Speak! Seminars
Dr. Lawrence Hamburg: 845-483-9500

What are you looking for in a speaker?

Dr. Lawrence Hamburg SpeakingSomeone who has experience in the field?
Someone who has first hand knowledge on the subject?
Someone who has done the research necessary to be considered an expert?
Someone who has the support of the most respected authorities in dentistry?
Someone who is passionate about the subject, and can have your audience laughing and crying with him?
How about “all of the above”?

Dr. Lawrence Hamburg knows what it’s like to be told you have Stage IV cancer, and knows what it’s like to go through the treatments. He also knows what it’s like to live with the constant fear of recurrence…

He has been a practicing dentist for over 30 years, and although he and his staff have always done oral cancer screenings, he is well aware of how many dentists don’t, and why! In addition, he knows why dentists don’t purchase adjunctive devices to improve their chances of finding cancer at an early stage.

He has been published in all the major dental journals, and recommended by many of the top authorities in dentistry, including Dr. Joe Blaes and Dr. Gerard Kugel.

And no one is more committed to teaching your students, changing their lives, and helping them save the lives of others!